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Welcome to the Hot Tub Place, main dealers for Wellis Hot Tubs in the North West. The selection you demand and the service you require is available six days a week and we have carved a reputation for delivering exceptional quality.

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We have two, large showrooms in Wirral and we are accredited BISHTA members and the North West number one dealers for Wellis Hot Tubs. A fabulous range of Sunbeach and Orca Leisure hot tubs are also in stock. You will find a completely relaxed, no pressure approach to hot tub sales and we are happy to spend the time discussing any questions or issues you may have. All our staff are experienced and on hand to help.


Hot tubs are not just a way to relax, they are so much more! Did you know that there are real health benefits from using a hot tub on a regular basis?

Reduces joint stiffness

Anyone with arthritis knows that applying heat to the joint will ease the pain. The Arthritis Research Campaign recommends using the hot tub as the source of that heat.


Hot tub jets provide therapeutic massage, stimulating the release of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkiller. Why not try one of our aromatherapy oils to compliment your relaxation?

Better Sleep

Soaking in a Wellis hot tub, maybe chilling to your favourite song, will help ease your mind, relax your body and so aid restful sleep.

Can help weight loss

In clinical studies patients who used hot tubs lost an average of 3.5 pounds in weight without any new diet or physical exercise programmes.The weight loss was said to be from the hot water massage simulating the effects of exercise on the muscles.

Lower blood sugar levels

Working on the theory mentioned above were the hot tub simulates exercise, studies show that patients with type 2 diabetes who soak in a Wellis hot tub for 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 3 weeks, experience a reduction in blood sugar levels by an average of 13%.

Reduces blood pressure

A recent study at the Mayo Clinic recommended that relaxing in a hot tub can be beneficial for heart disease patients. It demonstrated that soaking in the hot tub for as little as 15 minutes will lower blood pressure.

Stress relief

Stress results in muscle tension, headaches, fatigue and soreness. Regular Wellis Hot Tubs use eases pressure in joints and muscles, while the heat increases blood flow to muscles and accelerates healing.

Next time you relax in your Wellis hot tub from The Hot Tub Place, just think about the wonderful health benefits you are treating yourself to!


Choosing a hot tub can be quite a task. It is important that you buy from someone who is knowledgable and can give you the right advice. Here at The Hot tub Place, Moreton, Wirral, we pride ourselves on both our sales and after sales service. We encourage you to ask questions and to compare models. Don’t forget, you can buy now and pay later and we always have offers on selected Wellis Hot Tubs. Call in for a friendly chat today.

Made up from start to finish with The Hot Tub Place, certainly will recommend to all my friends. Thanks Ali for great delivery and service. LOVE our new Hot Tub

Sandie Orford

Working with the hot tub place is a real joy! Excellent service provided

Rob Carlin

Great place gave me loads of advice about my new hot tub thanks

Jen Claire

Brilliant service from start to finish! Highly recommended.

Adam AJdance Durham
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