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A typical delivery should be straightforward provided you have a minimum of 1 metre access without any obstructions such as meter boxes, soil pipes, window ledges and other such obstructions. Please make sure you measure correctly, if in any doubt we would be pleased to offer a FREE on-site survey by one of our qualified engineers.

Cranes and Hi Ab installations can be arranged by us at your cost please contact a member of the team should you think this may be required. Typical delivery times vary we do keep stock in our distribution centre but demand can be high at times especially during the high season so please give as much notice as possible to avoid delays.

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All Hot tubs require a minimum width of at least 1 metre due to the equipment used. Please check the minimum width against all gates, paths and potential obstacles along your access route. The minimum height requirement should be checked against any overhead obstacles such as guttering, tree branches and gate frames.

If you have access problems you think might be an issue please do give us a call. We are able to move our hot tubs over walls, rough terrain or even over the top of a house if needs must. As long as we are aware of this before the installation we can ensure we are prepared for any event. It is very rare that we are unable to get a hot tub into position.


13AMP electrical requirements:

Our 13AMP hot tubs require an outside waterproof socket power supply. The socket should ideally be 1.8 metres from the spa

32AMP electrical requirements:

Our 32AMP hot tubs require a dedicated power supply. Your local electrician will need to fit a 6mm 3 core steel wired armoured cable on a 32 amp supply with RCD protection. Local isolation using rotary isolator. The isolator should ideally be 1.8 metres from the spa with 5 metres of cable in place from the isolator to the site of the spa. (The extra-long ‘tail’ is to ensure perfect positioning of the hot tub).

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