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Sunbeach Seychelles Hot Tub


 The ultimate in luxury hot tubs. Super deep, full of high tech including brand new sides and corners.

  • 32 amp
  • Balboa BBa2 Bluetooth
  • Maintenance-free cabinet
  • Fully threaded jets

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Seychelles 5 Person Hot Tub – 2300 x 2300 x 1050mm


Aristech Acrylic
Aristech is a leading provider of acrylic in the USA, the surface finish stays bright after years of use and the colours do not fade. This Acrylic implements Bio-Lok which resists bacteria build and also makes the surface easier to clean while resisting stains such as dye, ink or crayon. Silver White Marble has long been the most popular hot tub colour. A touch of grey brings dimension to the white-base sheet, providing a subtle, somewhat linear pattern to the hot tub.

Balboa Spa Touch Control Panel
The Spa touch has a vibrant screen display that is impervious to environmental conditions such as water splashes or contamination. The touchscreen incorporates the latest touch technology with capacitive touch and provides stunning clarity and a premium true color display.

Three pieces of equiptment on white background making up an ozonator

An Ozonator helps kill harmful bacteria, reducing the need for chemicals by which is gentler on your skin and eyes. It does this by breaking up the O2 into O3 which then goes into your spa and when harmful bacteria touch O3 it causes a reaction which kills the harmful bacteria making your spa cleaner.

If a hot tub is not insulated properly, you will easily notice, it takes a long time to heat up water meaning you need to pay more money to keep hot tub running. With over 13 years of manufacturing experience and years of lab testing, Our factory found a way to perfect an insulated hot tub. We have added R-10 insulation on the skirt and above tub tray which helps lock the heat radiated from electrical parts and transfer to plumbing. As results from our testing, hot tub with R-10 insulation and R-10 hard cover can save 41.3% energy comparing with a hot tub only has a thin insulated shell.

Image showing a shell of a hot tub where insulation occurs
two filters standing upright with blue tops and bases

We have implemented cutting edge technology to fit our spas with a double filtration system. The filters trap dirt and oils while the water passes through, this keeps the spa clean and makes the water much more clear. With the double filtration system, this allows it to catch anything that might have slipped through ensuring you have the healthiest spa as well as reducing the load on a singular filter meaning you won’t need to maintain it as much as a single filter spa.


Size: 2300 x 2300 x 1050mm
Balboa Controls: 3kw heater
Shell: USA Aristech acrylic
Seats: 5

Air control valve: 4
Filters: 2
Insulation: All 4 sides super R10
Base: Solid ABS and R10 insulation
Top winter cover 4-5″ deep: Key locking

Water pumps:
Pumps: 2 x 3hp LX
Circulation: 1 x 0.35hp
Ozonator: 1 x 50mg

Water jets:
Jets: Total 43 Grey & Chrome
Rotary jets: 22
Directional hydrotherapy jets: 18
Circulation jet: 1

Fibre optic top rail lights: 25 (Colour Changing)
Underwater LED light: 1 (Colour Changing)
Water fountain: 3
Speakers: 2 x bba2 Balboa Bluetooth & subwoofer

Delivery Packages

Standard delivery and position

Insulated cover

Starter chemical kit
0.5Kg Chlorine Granuals
0.5Kg pH Plus
0.75Kg pH Minus
Test Strips

Standard delivery and position
Insulated cover
Two tread steps
Starter chemical kit
0.5Kg Chlorine Granuals
0.5Kg pH Plus
0.75Kg pH Minus
Test Strips
Standard delivery and position
Insulated cover
Two tread steps
Cover lifter (fitted)

Full chemical kit
As Gold Package plus
0.5Kg Ta Plus
2 x 35g Fusion AquaSachet
2 x 50g Immerse AquaSachet

Standard delivery and position
Final connection, fill and commision
Insulated cover
Two tread steps
Cover lifter (fitted)
Deluxe chemical kit
As Platinum Package plus
Hot Tub Flush 5L
Filter Cleaner 5L

Additional information

Shell colour

Silver White Marble

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