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What is the difference between a Hot Tub and a Spa?

Domestic self-contained spas are usually referred to as `hot tubs` here in the UK, to avoid confusion with the terms “spa” which is usually thought of as some kind of hotel venue where you get pampered! Quite often, people enjoy the benefits of being in warm water at a Hotel or Fitness club and decide they want to replicate the experience in their own home.

In some parts of the world (such as Scandinavia) the term ‘hot tub’ is only used for wooden equipment (with a stove) while in other parts of the world (such as North America) they use the term ‘Spa’ to mean any type of equipment, whether made of wood, acrylic or other materials!

Although the UK tends to use the phrase ‘hot tub’ as a generic word, later on in this factsheet you will see mention of ‘Swim Spas’ which denotes larger items that are designed for swimming in and so are bigger than a ‘hot tub’, but the water temperature is greater than a normal swimming pool, but less than a ‘Hot Tub’.

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